Home Tips : Ways To Properly Clean Your Planer Easily At Home

If you want your planer to work efficiently for a long time, then you need to keep it maintained and cleaned at all times. You can’t neglect its caretaking and then expect it to work flawlessly after a few days. A lot of people don’t realize this and neglect their planer’s maintenance and after a few days when their planer doesn’t work properly or snipes away too much, they wonder why. There are a few ways in which you can clean your planer easily and keep it always ready for use, make sure that you follow these ways if you don’t want to end up with a dull planer after some time.

Way 1: Cleaning with a mineral spirit

One of the best ways to clean your planer would be by using a little mineral spirit on your planer. This will help in cleaning up all the residue and lubricants from your planer in just a few minutes and your planer will keep on working efficiently for a long time.

Way 2: Apply wax with a soft cloth

Another great way to keep your planer clean is by using some wax and a little cloth to polish your planer and make it smooth and shiny so that the boards glide smoothly through the feed rollers.

Way 3: Blow away the debris

Another great way to clean your planer is by using compressed air to blow away all the debris from the rollers, table surface, etc. after each use. This will make it easier to clean the planer with a solution. This will also help in avoiding creating dents due to the stuck chips and splinters. If you are looking for a new planer, dewalt hand planer is one of the best planers available in the market.

Way 4: Clean the head elevation screws with paraffin wax

Make sure that you blow away all the debris from your head elevation screws and guide posts before you start lubricating and smoothening your post with the help of a paraffin wax.

Way 5: Use a brush to clean the knives

Sometimes, when you plane a high sapwood like pine or teak, you will leave behind a lot of tar which needs to be cleaned up immediately. You will need to clean the dust and pitch the knives with the help of a mineral spirit and a bristled brush.

Way 6: Clean the drive chain

If you notice the drive chain and sprockets getting covered in dust or chips, then you need to blow away the debris and then use a brass-bristle brush to clean it all up. Make sure that you don’t remove any lubricant in the process of cleaning the drive chain and the sprockets.

Way 7:  Use alcohol to clean the planer

Another great way to clean your planer and make it effective again is by using denatured alcohol. This helps in removing any grease or lubricant which is spilled on the surface and makes it easier to smoothen the area for the gliding of the board. It also evaporates after some time which makes it so much easier and effective to use.

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