How to create a beautiful Aero Garden at Home

Are you looking for ways to create your own beautiful Aero garden? Look no more because we have the most amazing tips to help you out in creating one of the most beautiful Aero garden out there. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself and then let us know if you still disagree. Here are the top 5 ways to make your Aero Garden thrive:

Turn your Aero Garden lights off at night

A lot of people think that the more light your plants get, the better they will grow. While this holds true for green plants and herbs, it is not the same for any plant which grows fruits or flowers. In fact, if you end up giving your plants too much light, it might damage them instead of helping them out or you can use aerogarden ultra led to avoid this.Aero Gardens usually have a timer to turn on and off the light but it doesn’t depend on the natural time cycle, so you need to make sure that the light is shut off at night to avoid giving your plants more artificial light

Keep your Aero Garden’s roots trimmed

One of the best ways to maintain your Aero Garden is by making sure you trim the roots of the plants inside your Aero garden regularly else it might affect the growth of your plant. This is because as the rest of your plant grows, your plant roots grow at the same speed. If your plant roots end up growing, they could block the pump and can end up breaking it. So, make sure you trim your roots in every few weeks to avoid such a scenario.

Trim your plants

Trimming your plants is a great way to ensure that you get a better yield. You just need to perform a little trimming, nothing too huge. Make sure you trim only 1/3 part of your plants and let them grow a little after the trim. If your plants grow too much, you can support them in a vertical direction. It if important to trim your plants regularly so that they produce more and will grow up to be healthier.

Check water level regularly

This is another important way to ensure that your Aero Garden grows beautifully. Sometimes the water level indicator might not show the correct water level and a few water indicators have a fixed water cycle which can be a little delusional. So, it is important to check the water level in your Aero garden regularly and refill it so that your plants receive an adequate amount of water.

Keep your Aero Garden clean

One of the best ways to create a beautiful Aero Garden is by making sure you keep it cleaned at all times. Don’t ignore this because you would end up with a stained Aero Garden which will smell and give off bad plants to you. So, make sure you regularly clean the water and throw away any dead leaves. Don’t let any mineral deposits of plant residue to accumulate in your Aero Garden and affect the growth of your plants.

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